By 1823 he has become a factory owner and the mayor of the town, but remembering his former demise he protects one of his workers, Fantine, from Javert, the police officer who pursues him, and as she is dying, promises to adopt her daughter Cosette.

1832 and Paris is full of unrest.The students are building a barricade and planning a revolution. Cosette is now a young lady and one day in the street encounters Marius, one of the students who will change her life forever. Marius is loved by Eponine who is the daughter of the Thenardiers, treacherous local inn keepers, but in spite of her own feelings, she helps bring Marius and Cosette together and joins the students at the barricade. In disguise, Javert, still pursuing Val Jean,infiltrates the student group but his identity is revealed, and once again he comes face to face with Val Jean who is also offering his help at the barricade. Val Jean allows him to escape, and also manages to rescue Marius,when the revolution comes to a bloody end. Javert though, is unable to accept Val Jean’s mercy and commits suicide.

Marius is unaware that Val Jean was his rescuer, until the Thenardiers try to blackmail him on his wedding day.

Now a dying man,Val Jean answers all of Marius’s questions about the rescue and tells Cosette the true history of her life. Having wiped the slate clean, he finally finds everlasting peace and salvation.

The Story

In 1815, a convict called Val Jean, having served 19 years is released on parole. Desperate for money and starving, he is befriended by a man of God, who saves him from a life of crime.

Les Miserables (School Edition)