The story is based on a group of talented and skilled young kids from New York's School for the Performing Arts.The show follows one group of students from taking their audition straight up to their graduation ceremonies. The students will take the audience through the highs, lows, friendships, romances and sheer hard work through their daily life for their ultimate quest for success. For some students however it is too much to bear, but ultimately tragedy and triumph combine in a spectacular finale which will have the audience wanting more. The cast will wow the crowds as they perform their phenomenal dance routines and unforgettable songs, including the legendary "Fame".

Fame is the Musical where "I'm Gonna live Forever". Fame the musical has established itself as one of the Country's most successful theatrical productions. It was originally premièred in the West End in June 1995and has been nominated for two Olivier Awards. Our performance is based on the original production which has been adapted for use at the Guildhall Theatre.