The performance of Eleanor Rigby recalled characters and music created 25 years before the performers were born.  Eleanor Rigby is a unique piece of theatre. It is a four-stranded story, each strand following the highs and lows of characters created by The Beatles. Their conversation derived from the actual words of the songs and the names of the characters can be found amongst the 170 or more songs that were written.

We produced an authentic Beatle sound which helped to identify with the characters that were met. The show was arranged to be entertaining, sometimes thought provoking but most all enjoyable.

Eleanor Rigby was the second of our major shows, it was a chance for the cast to show off their acting talents.  The show ran for three nights and was a massive hit amongst those that saw the performance. This was our first major acting performance and afterwards several people commented on our natural talents for acting and singing.

Eleanor Rigby